1200squad.com is the premiere link between DJs and the music industry-your essential one-stop for the hottest music, drops and videos, available exclusively to 1200squad.com members long before they break. It’s everything you’ll ever need to be ahead in the game, because “The DJ is the Cornerstone of Hip-Hop ©”.

1200squad.com is a password-protected site that offers qualified DJs coveted exclusive new music, artist drops, videos and much more. Leveraging the potent community and reputation developed by the Cornerstone Mixtape series, 1200squad.com’s membership consists of accredited radio and club DJs, along with an influential group of industry insiders. 1200squad.com fosters a community feel among member its member base by offering them the opportunity to build their own individual “crates”, options to rate music, email updates of music frequently added to the site and much more.

1200squad.com boasts 4,500 registered users.

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In addition to standard advertising units, 1200squad.com is available for other sponsored content packages ranging from exclusive sponsorships of categories to custom built campaign blogs and contest sponsorships. Contact advertising@1200squad.com for more information.

“When it comes to being cutting edge and respecting the foundation of this music we do, no one does it better than 1200squad.com.”
– Talib Kweli

“The 1200squad is for the real DJs who play real records. Any record worth knowing about, the squad’s got it on lock already.”
– Wale, Maybach Music Group

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– DJ Green Lantern, Sirius